Oscar's Mom refused to give up before her son was rescued, but could she hold on just a little longer

There’s nothing on this earth more powerful than a mother’s love. We have a story that proves that’s true even if you have four legs and a tail. When rescuers found this pair of dogs, they were both only inches away from death’s door. Both animals had nearly given up the will to live altogether. However, one of the dogs was the other one’s mother, you see. And she absolutely refused to die before she saw that her son was okay.

Would that be enough to pull her through just a little while longer until doctors could help her too?


When rescuer Viktor Larkhill, founder of Let’s Adopt, found the two dogs, Oscar and Helen were in desperate condition. Viktor realized that if he didn’t act quickly and get very lucky, the two animals were not going to survive.

Image from Viktor Larkhill via YouTube Video

The rescuers worried that they wouldn’t be able to gain the dog’s trust in time to get them help.

Image from Viktor Larkhill Facebook Video However, somehow, Helen, Oscar’s mom, knew that Viktor was there to help. She stood by calmly and allowed them to gain Oscar’s trust.


Because of limited resources, Viktor had to take one dog in at a time.

“While we drove to the hospital we promised to her, and to ourselves, that we would not leave her behind… we promised her that we would save her beautiful son and we would return to find her,” wrote Viktor.

Of course, it was a very tense time waiting to return for Helen. Viktor knew that she was at the end of her life. He didn’t know what to expect when he got back on site to finally pick up Helen as well.

Image from Viktor Larkhill via YouTube Video

We can only guess why Helen refused to die, but when Viktor arrived, there she was.

She had found a couple of cushions and Helen had settled in to await her fate.


Viktor and his team carefully removed Helen from the garbage she called home.

Image from Viktor Larkhill via YouTube Video

Rescuers realized that to give these two dogs a fighting chance, they would have to keep them together — at least for a while.

Image from Viktor Larkhill via Facebook Video As you can see from these photos and the video, Helen and Oscar were in terrible shape. Medical professionals went to work to cure everything from starvation, malnutrition, skin disorders, and flea infestations.

The mother and son, though healing and weak, stayed as close as possible.


It took months of dedication and hard work, but you aren’t going to believe the transformation. Helen went from a dog at death’s door to looking like another creature entirely — as did Oscar.

Image from Viktor Larkhill via Facebook Video We are happy to announce that a family in Germany adopted Helen, and another family adopted Oscar. They were both ready to move on now that they were healthy, safe, and loved.

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Posted by Viktor Larkhill on Sunday, August 14, 2016

So, as you can see, there’s no strength on earth stronger than a mother’s love for her child. Please share this with your friends to thank moms all over the world.

Featured Image from Viktor Larkhill via Facebook Video

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