It's Remarkable When This Dog Walks 4 Blocks To Visit His Friend Every Day For A Playdate

Jenna Termolen and her family were wanting to adopt a dog.  Hoping for a girl they waited and waited but a certain special boy dog stole their hearts first.

The family set up a meeting to meet Tommy, the dog that the shelter thought they needed to meet. Tommy was just 1 year of age, and eager to have a loving home. Little did they know that Tommy was about to choose them instead of the Termolen family deciding if they would choose Tommy or not.  Jenna explains what happened after the meeting with the dog, “When it came time for him to go back out, he laid down on the floor trying his best not to leave us; she had to literally drag/slide him on his belly out of the room. He had chosen his new family and was not willing to give us up. After meeting the other dogs, the boys all decided that he was the one.”

Jenna and her family took Tommy home and he quickly became a part of their forever family.  But another dog friend was about to enter their lives that they did not plan for. A neighbor four blocks away had a dog that struck a quick, strong and lasting friendship with Tommy. At first, when the dog arrived they didn’t know who it belonged to, but they found a tag under all of his fur that stated he belonged to a family just 4 blocks away. His name they also discovered, was Jackson.

Both dog owners approved of the relationship and the rest is history.  “Usually when he comes for a visit, he stops by the front door first and gives one or two polite barks,” Jenna explained. “If no one answers the front door, he will either try to go through the garage if it is open or go around through the backyard to the back deck and will give barks at each door. I usually just let him in the house or let Tommy out.”

The friendship between Tommy and Jackson has proved itself strong through the years.  Tommy now is 16 and nothing has gotten in the way of this solid furry friendship.

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