Rescue Cat Shows Her Love By Leaving An Oddly Adorable Surprise In Her Litterbox


Changing of families can be very hard on animals. When people adopt, it’s good to keep in mind that the pet you are adopting may be grieving. One cat named Snowball took the loss of his home especially hard. Even though his adoptive family loved him, Snowball was confused. Thankfully, with time it all worked out and Snowball adjusted. Now, when he pees, it’s in the shape of a heart, much to the delight of his new family.


Ryoko Komine

Snowball was surrendered to A Mini Rescue when his family moved and didn’t take him along. A caring foster family took Snowball right in. But they could tell he was confused and not adjusted yet to his new surroundings. Just two days after he arrived at the foster home, Snowall snuck out an opened window and became lost.


“We searched everywhere, contacted local authorities and groups but without success,” Ryoko Komine, Snowball’s foster mom, explained. “Snowball was gone.”


Snowball seemed to be gone forever. Two months went by with no sign of him. But then good news surfaced. “Apparently, someone had heard a cat in distress but the cat had escaped from her and fallen into a drain,” Komine said. “The RSPCA were called and they got him out, scanned his microchip and then called us.”


Ryoko Komine

Snowball was discovered to be only a half-mile away from his foster home. He was not in good shape and appeared very thin and uncared for. His foster home rushed him to the vet where he was given a 50% chance of survival.


Ryoko Komine

No More Changing Of Homes For Snowball


The good news is that Snowball recovered. But the great news is that his foster family decided that he had been through enough changes. They proudly declared that they have foster failed. “He’s finally getting used to us and our other animals, and he’s so sweet,” Komine said. “He always follows us around and loves to sit by the window in my home salon when my clients are there.”


Ryoko Komine

Since that time, Komine has often peed in the shape of a heart, much to the delight of his new family. “I noticed this heart-shaped pee and thought it’s his thank you letter,” Komine said. “It’s not every single time. Just enough to remind me to say thank you and I love you.”


Source: Ryoko Komine
Ryoko Komine


Ryoko Komine

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