Rescue Dog Shocks Her New Owners When They See Her Display A Surprising Skill

Jane and Tom Cannone couldn’t understand why no one had snatched up the beautiful senior-aged Boxer sitting all alone in her kennel at the Carolina Boxer Rescue. In all the photos, the lovely dog looked so sweet and adorable surely someone would want her. They watched, though, day after day as no one showed any interest at all.

Finally, they found out that the dog was deaf. The couple realized that was likely the reason no one wanted to take the sweet girl home. They also knew at that moment that if they didn’t bring her home, no one else would.

So, they did what most of us would, and they decided to take the sweet girl into their family.


Jane and Tom adopted Boombox. They drove from Virginia to Charleston, South Carolina and took Boombox back to her forever home with them.

Image via Tom Cannone Facebook

They realized quickly that Boombox’s previous owners must have been very affectionate. Immediately, Boombox was one of the most well-behaved dogs in the neighborhood. She quickly became attached to her new parents, and things were going smoothly at home.


Then, at a visit to the veterinarian, the couple got a huge surprise. The Cannone’s vet, Dr. Layne Brett, knew that Boombox was deaf, so she experimented. She made a motion with her hand that means “sit” in dog sign language. Everyone in the room was stunned when Boombox sat right down.

Image via Tom Cannone Facebook

Dr. Brett explained that there is a formal system of sign language developed specifically for dogs. Doggy sign language is used by police dogs, show dogs, and deaf dogs, generally.

The best part is that Boombox knew quite a few of these commands.


Of course, when the Cannone’s realized their dog had this skill, they were utterly floored. They were delighted when they realized they had this whole new way to communicate with their sweet Boombox.

“when we hold up a finger and motion to her, she knows it’s time for her walk,” said the couple.

Image via Tom Cannone Facebook

As the couple watches their sweet girl, they notice some pretty interesting stuff. Boombox watches her mom and dad very closely. She has a shockingly good sense of smell, and she hates being left alone in the dark. Everyone marvels at how well-behaved she is.

Jane said, though, that even if she didn’t do these neat tricks, there is still “something special” about Boombox. Jane knows that while Boombox may be lucky to have a forever home, the Cannone’s are the real winners here.

What a marvelous story of love and family. Share this with your friends so they can see what a special girl Boombox is. We’re so happy for this wonderful new family.

Featured Images via Tom Cannone Facebook

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