Rescue dog sleeps in a real bed for the very first time and he couldn't be any happier

After a long day, getting in our beds is one of the best feelings in the world. The comfort of sleeping in our own bed is unmatched by any other. Once we sink under the sheets, slumber is right around the corner. Unknowingly, many people take this common feeling for granted. Even though we have our own bed to sleep in, it does not mean others don’t.

Even dogs understand the comfort of a place to sleep. Pet dogs have a nook, warm place, or doggy bed they like to go to sleep at night on. Unfortunately, not all dogs understand this comforting feeling. Lots of dogs without homes spend their nights sleeping on the asphalt or grass. As sad as it is, it is the reality.

Sadly enough, an adorable bull terrier experienced this reality. He spent his nights on the streets. Once he was finally rescued, he was given to a foster family. They helped him realize his worth.

When he arrived at his new home, he was shocked. The bull terrier never once saw a real place to sleep. But when he did, oh he was so happy. First, he jumped onto it. Then he began to roll around as if he had never felt anything more comfortable in his life. After all, it was only his first experience feeling the comfort of a mattress.

Not too soon after his encounter with the bed, the terrier took a nap. Of course, on his new found love, the bed. Watch the adorable event unfold. It will warm your heart!

Remember that not everyone has a place to sleep. So consider adopting or fostering a dog or cat because they too deserve a real bed. No animal deserves to suffer more than they already have to. Make sure to share this great story with friends!

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