Rescue Kitten Loves To Visit And Comfort Other Cats At His Shelter

Champ was found along with three other kittens in a box dumped off at a gas station. A good Samaritan took the kittens to a rescue in Ipplepen, UK called Animals In Distress.

The kittens were very young with umbilical cords still attached. They desperately needed the nourishment and warmth of their mother. But whoever dumped them obviously left them to die and did not care about the state they were in. Because they were so young, despite all the efforts by the rescue to save them, 3 of them died. Champ was the lone survivor.

Champ Was So Young

As you can see from the photos, Champ was way too young to survive without lots of Tender Loving Care. The fact that he made it is a testimony to his caregivers and his fighting spirit, with help from above. Just look at his teeny tiny body.

There aren’t too many things in this life cuter than a kitten in a towel. Awe, what a sweet and innocent little soul.

Thank you to the caregivers who worked diligently to provide for Champ’s every need. Though his siblings died, Champ is thriving and now up for adoption.

Champ grew into a normal kitten, curious and playful. He was given all that kittens need to thrive and be happy.

Champ especially enjoyed visiting the other cats at the rescue. He was able to explore and interact with them, through the safety of the glass windows and doors. From the looks of it, the cats at the rescue enjoyed interacting with him.

Champ went from one window to the next, visiting with all of the rescue cats.

Most cats are very curious. Champ and the rescue cats were no different.

Champ’s future looks bright as he waits for his forever home. From a cat dumped and left to die, to a now thriving and healthy growing kitten, Champ will be a great addition to someone’s family.

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