Can You Be Too Old To Adopt A Dog? This Rescue Says Yes.

Should there be a cut-off to adopt young dogs? According to Fluffy Dog Rescue in Illinois, the answer is yes.

When Love Isn’t Enough

At age 70, Mary decided to adopt a dog to keep her company. Her husband passed three years ago, and she wanted someone else in the house with her. When she met Sam, a one-year-old Yorkie mix, Mary fell in love. For Fluffy Dog Rescue, love doesn’t seem to be enough.

The group rejected her application and added that she could adopt a dog who is at least three years old. They reportedly said that they believe in adoption for life. “We feel there are other dogs that may be more suitable for you. In your case it would be a dog aged three or older,” they wrote in an email to Mary.

The rescue appears to have decided that Mary is too old to adopt a one-year-old pup. Perhaps they believe if she dies, the dog will once more need to be rehomed. When Mary’s daughter, Melissa, contacted the rescue, they told her the same thing they told Mary–that they look for lifelong homes for pets.

“We have established a formula for our older applicants to do your best to accomplish this. With that said, your mother fits into a category of only being able to adopt a dog that is three years older,” Fluffy Dog Rescue said, according to TMJ4.

Watch the report below:

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