Rescue team steps in and changes this dog’s life forever

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Unfortunately, so many dogs live their lives on the streets or in shelters. Often times, these animals do not receive enough love or treatment. This results in behavioral and health issues. Bella, a dog who spent her whole life in pounds, had a very bad spleen and liver issue.


When Howl of the Dog Shelter came to Bella’s rescue, her life changed for the better. As soon as they met Bella, they knew she was a kind dog. Once Bella interacted with the team members, she licked everyone. That signaled to the team that she was not aggressive. Sadly, people never saw this side of Bella because they never gave her a chance.


After the team safely rescued her, they stated,


“She seemed to have instantly understood that she was being rescued and that she’s safe.”

After being rescued Bella was relieved. Also, she felt safe. So the kind dog fell asleep in one of the rescuer’s laps. This sight was too cute to miss. The rescuer states,

“She was so trusting and relieved to be finally rescued that she simply fell asleep in my arms while we were heading to the veterinary clinic.”

teamWhen Bella settled, the team took her to the vet. There she was treated for all of her awful symptoms. The team was relieved nothing was too severe. Now Bella lives a beautiful life, where she can wag her tail and smile. So many blessings are coming her way. Later the team states,


“Bella is doing fine now, receiving all the care she needs to regain her health and joy. Once she’s completely recovered she will be up for adoption.”

Please share this heartwarming story with friends. This team is so proud of what they accomplished and that Bella feels safe. Happiness surrounds Bella’s life now!

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