Rescue Dog Freed From Chain And He Shows His Gratitude

Abuse can make animals aggressive, but it can also make them want to give and receive love even more.

For this rescued puppy, love is everything! He was rescued in quite poor conditions and made a quick transformation. Good homes help dogs flourish, and that’s what worked for this dog.

Even if you’re not able to adopt a rescue dog, fostering can make a world of difference for these pets. Foster homes allow dogs to develop their love and personalities, which can be so helpful in getting them to their forever homes.

How Asher shows his gratitude

This rescue, Asher, was saved off of a chain by Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, VA. A woman is on a conference call with her CEO, but Asher really wants to show his love to her!

Asher sits in her lap, but he has more in mind. Dogs have no use for phones, so what does he know? Asher climbs right up onto the woman. She has the phone to her ear, but her other arm tries to balance the dog.

He just looks like he really wants to give big, full-body hugs! Asher throws his arms around her neck. He licks her phone while trying to get her face full of kisses. Love me!

It’s a struggle to hold Asher, but who wouldn’t appreciate such love? Animals can be so gracious and loving, and Asher does not fall short. Everyone needs good puppy love in their life. Asher is so grateful to have been given a chance at a better life!

You can give dogs and other animals like Asher a happy life full of love, too. More than 6 million animals are admitted into shelters every year. Though some get adopted, over a million of them are euthanized every year. Imagine the love and happiness you’d give and receive in saving someone like Asher! Watch the video below to see Asher’s happiness:

Source: Newly Rescued Dog Overjoyed To Be Freed From Chain by amyc21

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