Rescued Kitten Can't Eat, His Rescuer Helps By Designing Something That Saves His Life

When a volunteer named Donna Parker from Richardson Rescue and her significant other visited his grandma’s home they could hear something in the garage. It was faint, but it sounded like cries. The pair decided to follow the noise. When they found where the noise was coming from they were astonished to find five kittens and a momma cat.

The rescuer and her husband decided to leave the cats alone, mostly because the mom was trying to nourish her new kittens, and they did not want to disturb them. The two returned about two weeks later to check up on the family. Unfortunately, the kittens were extremely ill. They needed to go to the veterinarian hospital immediately. Donna explained to Love Meow,

 “We were unable to catch the mother but I had to rescue the kittens. Brad was the smallest and the sickest of the entire litter and he was very close to death.”

Donna began to nurse the kittens back to health. She helped them stay warm and well hydrated. One kitten was still extremely ill. She commented,

“I fed him every hour or so, as much as I could get him to eat with a syringe until he finally was able to hold his head up.”

The kittens began to get better, but Brad still did not gain any weight and did not eat. Donna added,

“I thought I was going to lose him many times while he was still very small and having so much trouble but he’s a miracle kitty.”

The Rescuers wanted to know why he had such a difficult time. So they reach out to a specialist. Katherine Drummond, director of Richardsons Rescue, explained to Love Meow.

“We were lucky enough to have a foster who works for a GI specialist and she took over to foster him. With the help of her and several vets we realized that he had a condition commonly referred to as Megaesophagus.”

What this means is Brad has a difficult time eating with his bow on the ground. Therefore he has to eat out of 45 degree angle. Donna asked a local, Preston Tobery, who is known for his 3-D printing, to make a bowl that sits at 45 degrees. Ever since Brad has been using this bowl he has been thriving. Lastly Donna said,

“At 17 weeks old he is barely over two pounds but he is doing great. He seems to be growing out of the condition now.”

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