Rescuers Fight Riptides To Save A Horse Stuck On Muddy Beach

You probably have at some point seen photos of people riding their horses on a beautiful beach. Or maybe you’ve ridden a horse along the ocean’s shoreline. There aren’t too many things in life more peaceful or beautiful than a horse and rider on a pristine beach, especially at low tide. Well, you might want to think again before heading out for that relaxing beach ride. Let’s take a look at the tragedy that almost happened when one horse and rider got stuck in the sandy mud right before the tide was about to come in.

Image Source: Facebook/ABC News

When the horse got stuck, the rider immediately called for help. Soon the coast guard and BARB Search & Rescue were trying to free the frightened horse. They worked as fast as they could because the tide was scheduled to come in soon.

Image Source: Facebook/ABC News

It Took Manpower To Pull The Horse Out

Even with all of the equipment used, it was manpower that ultimately saved the horse. A giant cloth was used as a harness as humans pulled the horse out of the muck. Without all of that muscle power, the horse may have drowned since the tide was rapidly approaching.

Image Source: Facebook/ABC News Image Source: Facebook/ABC News

Once the horse was free, the animal was loaded on a horse trailer. Surprisingly, neither the rider nor horse suffered any major injuries. The rescue took approximately 2 hours. Senior Maritime Operations Officer Gemma Griffiths had some advice for all people who head out to enjoy the low tide. “Take care when walking or riding over these big expanses of tidal sand or mud and consider getting guidance from someone with local knowledge if you are at all unsure about your route,” she advised.

Image Source: Facebook/ABC News

Watch The Dramatic Rescue Here

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