Rescuers Find Homeless Dog Living In A Trash Can, They Make Horrifying Discovery Inside

Zoe became homeless when her owners moved, leaving the dog with no caretakers.  A life on the streets soon took its toll and Zoe found herself pregnant with a litter to raise and no source of food.  She was a good mother and raised the puppies despite her circumstances.

It wasn’t long before neighborhood kids came and stole all but one of her puppies.  Zoe and her lone puppy took shelter in a trash bin.  Thankfully, someone had heard about Zoe and the pup and contacted Hope For Paws.

Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope For Paws, and his associate Lisa Chiarelli showed up on the scene.  It didn’t take long for them to find Zoe and her puppy, now named Meadow.  They were holed up in a blue trash can.

At first, Zoe was not accepting of the two rescuers.  Zoe had been neglected and mistreated so long, that she didn’t know who she could trust.  But it didn’t take long for Hagar to earn her trust and be able to pet her.  Then shortly after that Zoe let Lisa also pet her.  Finally, they were able to get a leash around her neck and remove Zoe and Meadow from the filth that they had been living in.

Safe At Last

Zoe and Meadow are now receiving the care that they had needed for so long.  Regular meals, caring hands, fresh water, a warm and safe place to sleep are all a part of their new beginning.

The future looks bright for these sweet ladies.  Check out the video of the rescue and of them now in the care of Hope for Paws.  You can just see in their eyes that these are kind dogs that just need a chance.

If you may be interested in adopting one or both of these dogs, please contact Hope For Paws by clicking here.

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