Rescuers Find Three Homeless Dogs on the Street (Video)

After receiving a call about a tiny puppy living in a parking lot, rescuers arrive on the scene. The little dog had been living in an industrial area among the cars. Loreta Frankonyte approached slowly, tossing bits of a cheeseburger to the dog hiding underneath a parked car.

Image by Hope for Paws

Minutes later, rescuers were able to get the tiny pup, named Shrimp, into a parking lot. A colorful plastic fence is set up quickly around a couple of parked cars. “She should be sealed in here,” one of the rescuers states in the video. Loretta and Eldad climb into the fenced area to see which car Shrimp was underneath. They were told Shrimp had been living on the streets for months, yet wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her.

Using a snare, Lisa Arturo was able to snag the pup. It’s important to keep tension on the snare so the pup can’t get loose. Shrimp struggled for a few seconds before Eldad was able to catch Shrimp in his lap.

Image by Hope for Paws

Rescuers receive another call about a homeless dog.

Once Shrimp is in the vehicle, they noticed another dog running down the street. It is a dog named Caviar. He is small too and had been cared for by a couple. However, they were homeless themselves and agreed to give the dog up for adoption. They wanted him to be given a good home so that Caviar could be taken care of properly. This rescue was easy to do! Sadly, Caviar’s brother was killed by a car before this rescue happened. Dogs and cats are often killed by cars while scavenging for food.

Image by Hope for Paws

Yet again, another dog is rescued! Three dogs rescued in one day is hard work. This beautiful girl was named Delphina.

Image by Hope for Paws

All in a days work!

Finally, everyone is off to the hospital for a bath and checkups. Besides being hungry, everyone gets a clean bill of health. Shrimp, Caviar, and Delphina are placed in a foster home. They’re surrounded by other animals, even a pig named Piggles! Shrimp is very excited and is often seen with a smile on her face.

Image by Hope for Paws

Hope for Paws has done another amazing rescue, giving these three their best chance at life. Check out the video below to see how they did it.

Featured Image by Hope for Paws

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