Rescuers Invade Puppy Mill and Find This Poor Little Guy

It is no secret that puppy mills are abhorrent places that should no longer exist. Horror stories from such places have become commonplace. After seeing this doggo named Boo, I am more determined than ever to get the truth out there about these evil places.


When rescuers showed up at the puppy mill and found 9-year-old Boo, they were shocked and appalled at his condition. He started life with two good eyes and ears. However, by the time rescuers made their way to him, he was so badly neglected he lost both his eyes as well as one of his ears.

Boo spent most of his life in that horrible place. He was left largely on his own and was neglected to such an extent that a treatable infection took his eyes.

Little Boo was already deaf in one ear. Then, sadly, he lost both his eyes too. And all because of greedy, heartless people who can somehow ignore an animal’s suffering.


Rescuers were delighted to see that even with no eyes and only one good ear, Boo was more determined than any dog they had ever met to have a happy life. He wasn’t about to let those silly disabilities keep him down.

It didn’t take long after his rescue for Boo to find a happy, healthy forever home.

Now, even though he still runs into doors and walls a lot, Boo lives full time with his new mom who is head over heels in love with the little scamp. Their favorite things to do together are snuggle and play, and Boo absolutely loves attention.

Boo and his mom hope everyone soon gets the truth about how terrible puppy mills really are. Boo got lucky. He managed to survive and find a loving forever home.

There are thousands of doggos out there who aren’t nearly so lucky. Share this story to help Boo get the truth out about these terrible places.

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