Rescuers Save Kittens Left In A Trash Heap And Help Them Find Their Forever Homes


Homeless kittens can show up in just about any place. A barn or side of the road are both common places to find stray kittens. But sometimes they show up in places that make rescuing them a bit difficult. So was the case for some kittens found between two walls and living in a pile of garbage. Thankfully, Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue in California was able to save the day for the kittens.


Hope For Paws is a 501c3 organization in the Los Angeles area that has made it a mission to end animal abuse, neglect, and homelessness. They rescue animals, nurture them back to health and provide for their medical needs. They then return them to their homes or find them new, loving, forever homes.



Hope for Paws responded to the call of five kittens being trapped in a pile of garbage. A nearby resident had heard their tiny meowing. The kittens were in a very small space between two buildings.


Getting to the kittens was no easy feat. The rescuers had to climb over a wall with barbed wire on the top. Then they had to dig through trash and make their way through a narrow space between the two walls.


Once the rescuers arrived at the kittens, they used a heavy shipping blanket and gloves to grab each kitten. They carefully took them out. Thankfully, all five of the kittens were fine.


The kittens have found forever homes. They could have perished in that trash or lived their lives as feral cats on the streets. But thanks to the kind resident who made the call, and Hope For Paws, these kittens have a bright future ahead.


If you find kittens in a predicament such as these five kittens were, it’s best to call your local rescue or authorities. If you attempt to go on someone else’s property you could get charged for trespassing.




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