Stolen Saint Bernard was dumped in basement for days, until rescuers finally arrive

Some people can be cruel and act in evil ways towards others. Thankfully there are also compassionate people who are there to help save victims of horrendous crimes. This is the story of one Saint Bernard who endured many dark hours while hoping someone was coming for him. Thankfully, this story has a good ending, so stick with it and read to the end.

Bentley, a St. Bernard had a loving family but was one day stolen out of the backyard of his home. He was captured and then placed in a dark basement with no stairs or way out. He was left alone to die.

Detroit Dog Rescue

Bentley must have been very scared, lonely and confused. He did the only thing that he thought he should do while in that basement. He barked. Thankfully, someone heard Bentley and called Detroit Dog Rescue who came to save him. Bentley was dehydrated and emaciated after spending several days in the dark without food or water. The St. Bernard was in immediate danger of organ failure.

Detroit Dog Rescue

Detroit Dog Rescue rushed Bentley to receive veterinary care. When Bentley arrived he was exhausted and approximately 40 pounds underweight. He strained to eliminate what little waste products that he had in his body. Detroit Dog Rescue wrote, “It’s something you see in horror movies. This St. Bernard was locked in a basement of an abandoned house with no stairs and absolutely no way to get out. Alone and in the dark, he wasted away while he waited each day for rescuers.”

Detroit Dog Rescue

Thankfully, those rescuers did come, and with time and medical help, Bentley began to recover. Because Bentley was wearing a collar, the staff at Detroit Dog Rescue believed he may be someone’s stolen pet. The staff posted a photo of Bentley on their Facebook page. It didn’t take long for Bentley’s family to call. They had been frantically looking for him.

Detroit Dog Rescue

The executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue, Kristina Rinaldi said, “They thought they would never find him again, and he was so happy to see them. They couldn’t believe how skinny he had gotten.” She continued, “Everybody was just so happy and extremely heartbroken over it. He was really loved and missing for a long time, so they were overjoyed to have him back.”

Detroit Dog Rescue

Thankfully, Bentley was found, recovered without complication and hopefully will live the rest of his life in peace and happiness with his family.

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