Scary Looking Street Dog's Ultimate 'Before' and 'After' Photos

He was called Frodo, most likely due to the curly ringlets that ever so slight resembled a certain LOTRs character. Unfortunately, some thought he looked a bit more like Gollum – skinny, bald and gargoyle like. Frodo was a scary looking dog found by a couple in Croatia. He’d been wandering the streets, hungry, half blind and with serious skin issues. There seemed to be no hope for this little dog wandering around Croatia last May.

Image via screencapture from website We Love Animals

The couple who found him took it to the veteran animal rescuer Klaudija Sigurnjak who assured he was going to get a real makeover. His condition was so severe that it was hard to believe Frodo was a dog. Klaudija had her work cut out for her. He was then taken to a vet where she was told Frodo’s eye would have to be removed due to being highly infected. Thankfully, his other eye would be saved. Frodo wasn’t out of the woods just yet. The dog had other health issues to overcome.

Image by Klaudija Sigurnjak via screencapture from We Love Animals

Frodo, the ‘scary’ looking dog, gets his transformation.

This is your classic beast to beauty story. Frodo had it rough wandering the streets. His skin was inflamed, he barely had any fur and the mange was awful. As it turned out Frodo was a fighter!

Image via screencapture from website

Once the vet took care of little Frodo, his skin began to heal and his fur regrew. He was one step closer to a life free of pain. But the journey didn’t stop there!

This one-eyed dog caught the attention of one Marko Dusparo. It was a complete accident when he stumbled across Frodo’s image online. Tongue hanging out, midway through his transformation, Marko knew he and his wife wanted to adopt Frodo.

Image via screencapture from website

From beast to cutie, Frodo wins hearts

He would still need more surgeries before his transformation was complete. Yet, when Marko and his wife finally revealed Frodo’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ transformation on Reddit, viewers were stunned! The shots earned over 20,000 votes on the website.

Are you prepared for this transformation reveal? Here you go!

Image by Marko Dusparo

His life is completely different and most importantly pain free! He gets tons of cuddles, free treats and even enjoys going on runs with his master. Not to mention, he spends a little time in front of the camera.

Sup guys. Going back home from a little 15 km hike. Liked it but I’ll sleep now if I may. Thank you, good night. from aww

Who would have thought that this once scary looking dog would turn into such a cutie. Did you?

Featured Image via screencapture from website We Love Animals

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