Schnauzer was lost for 6 Days, Owner Pulls Up Pup Cries Uncontrollably When He Sees Him

Fireworks can be extremely confusing, hurtfully loud and scary for dogs.  They can make even the calmest dogs, do things that they normally wouldn’t do. One Schnauzer was used to walking on a lead for the last 16 years.  But when she heard fireworks go off, she bolted and remained lost for 6 days.

The terrified schnauzer ran away and then not being able to find her way home, went to another house that she was familiar with.  When the call came in telling the owner that his dog was safe and found, he took his mo-ped and went to bring her home. The man explains, “She couldn’t find my house, so she ended up walking four or five times as far to another house she was familiar with and I ended up getting a phone call.”

The owner documented his trip to his friend’s house and showed where the dog must have traveled.  When the man arrives at the home where his dog is waiting for him, the reunion is beautiful.  The Schnauzer literally cries for minutes.  You can hear the joy in both the man and the dog’s tone of voice.

This video was popular about 4 years ago but recently resurfaced.  I’m glad that it did because reunions can be so fun to watch.  This one especially shows the love that is shared between a man and his dog.

The Dog Cries For Joy.  Listen To the Man’s Voice Too.

One of the cutest things about this video is how the man with a low voice all of a sudden starts talking super high pitched when he sees his dog.  I bet a lot of people can relate to making their voice higher when talking to their dogs the same way that people do that when they talk to babies.

Enjoy this adorable and joyful video.  Don’t forget to share it if you liked it.

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