Scientists find a recent discovery that allows them to communicate with animals


Can you imagine having the opportunity to communicate with our pets? That would be amazing! Soon this may become easier and easier thanks to new technology.


Recently, the science community has pushed towards better and more efficient artificial intelligence. Thanks to more knowledge, scientists are finding new ways to communicate with animals. Also, these brilliant people are using machine learning to add to their knowledge.


Furthermore, facial expressions and vocalization will be a specific way to understand animals. For example, one artificial intelligence system is attempting to understand whether or not sheep are in pain through facial expression.

Recently, an Amazon-sponsored report discussed the upcoming trends. One thing the article mentioned was communication with animals, saying that within the next ten years, we should be able to fully translate our animals’ language. Crazy, right?


One particular study kicked off this research. Dr. Con Slobodchikoff was extremely interested in how Prairie Dogs conversed. After studying these animals for over 30 years, he has gotten the gist of their language. Apparently, Prairie Dogs make calls when a predator is nearby. Also these sounds depending on the threat and size of the intruder. Later he states,


“I thought, if we can do this with prairie dogs, we can certainly do it with dogs and cats.”

Even though he just started this new research on dogs especially, he still has a long way to go. Every day he takes videos of dogs doing certain actions. Then Slobodchikoff inputs the videos into an algorithm. After a while, he is hoping the data will collect. Eventually, he would like to have a translating device to translate what animals are trying to say.


Maybe in a few years, you too will be able to communicate with your dog! If you think this is a super cool idea, please share with friends!

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