Scrawny Kitten Rejected By It’s Mother Grew Into A Beautiful Cat Thanks To This Man


An animal rejected by its mother will seldom survive. Most mammals need their mothers for nourishment,  protection, and love. Mothers also show their youngsters how to survive in the world. A newborn kitten cannot survive without its mother unless someone else steps in and provides for him or her.


This is the story of Sansa, an orphaned kitten found purring and all alone. Sansa was the smallest of her litter. Her mother chose to take care of the bigger kittens while rejecting Sansa.



Sansa was all skin and bones when Alan, her soon-to-be human adopted her. Alan was shocked at how tiny Sansa was when he took her in.



Alan became Sansa’s full-time mommy. That meant bottle feeding her when she was hungry and providing plenty of snuggles. Sansa responded beautifully to all of the nurturing that she got from Alan. It didn’t take long for Sansa to grow and grow and grow. She grew into a gorgeous Calico cat.






Just Take A Look For Yourself








What To Do If You Find An Orphaned Animal


Before taking in an orphaned animal, make sure that the mother is not around and caring for the little one. Animals such as fawns and baby rabbits usually have mothers close by. Deer mothers will often place their fawns in an area and then return later to get their fawns. For mother rabbits, it is normal for them to return to the nest and only feed their babies once or twice in a day. With any orphan wild animals, make sure to contact your local fish and game to see what is legal to raise and what is not. They should provide help if a wild baby animal is in need of assistance.


For domesticated animals such as kittens and puppies, it’s important that they get in the much-needed colostrum those first couple of days. If you are absolutely sure that a mother has rejected their puppy or kitten, buy colostrum at a store. Make sure to buy the appropriate type for that particular animal and then warm it to the correct temperature. After those first few days, other milk supplements may be used after the colostrum has been absorbed.




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