Security camera captures a woman's compassionate action towards a homeless dog

Here at Animals Being Cute, if we have said it once, we have said it a hundred times — be good to animals, even when you think no one is looking. Of course, these days with security cameras literally everywhere, it’s safe to assume someone is always looking. Really, we just hope you’re good to animals either way. The lady you are about to meet didn’t think anyone saw what she did. However, thanks to a security camera, we know exactly the kind of compassion she showed this homeless dog and so should you.


Of course, most of us realize that life on the streets for anyone, human or animal, is really difficult. For anyone who is homeless, every day is all about the necessities many of us take for granted.

Things like shelter, food, warmth, and water can be very difficult to come by when you live on the mean streets of any city on the planet.

Image Screenshot from Boran Karahan via Facebook Video

So, as you can see, this poor homeless dog was out in front of a cafe in Zongludak, Turkey. The little guy is curled up on one of those little rugs, struggling for whatever softness or warmth he could find.


Sadly, most people just pass on by the freezing homeless dog, until one lady appears on screen after leaving the cafe.

Image Screenshot from Boran Karahan via Facebook Video

In the video, which we posted below, you can see the woman stop for a moment. You can tell she’s looking at the dog, of course. However, it’s still a mystery what exactly she’s thinking.


At that moment, the woman opens up her umbrella, and you think she’s going to just walk away.

However, instead of walking away as everyone else did, she put down the umbrella and took off her scarf.

Image Screenshot from Boran Karahan via Facebook Video

Then, the compassionate woman gently covered the dog with her scarf before quietly walking away.


Well, since this is the internet, someone saw the video and posted it online. Of course, it didn’t take long for the video to go absolutely viral with many people around the globe saying, “humanity is not dead.”

Amazingly, someone even recognized the sweet lady.

Image from We Love Animals

It turned out, the suddenly internet famous woman’s name is Duygu Elma. Elma was absolutely stunned at all the attention. You see, she was feeling guilty because she wasn’t able to do more for the homeless dog at the time.

She gave the little guy her scarf merely because she knew it was the right thing to do.

“I couldn’t imagine that my actions would receive this attention,” said Elma. “I’m very surprised about it. The weather is so cold. I just couldn’t take it when I saw him shivering.”

Image Screenshot from Boran Karahan via Facebook Video

Elma hopes that the popularity of the video will help get the dog rescued off the street.

One thing is certain — these days it’s inspiring to see someone doing a good deed even when she thinks no one else is looking. Nowadays, we often see people do good, but only once someone turns on a camera.

There are people and animals out there that need help, no matter if someone will see you doing it or not.

Check out the video below.

Köpek üşümez diyen olursa ağır konuşurum!Zonguldak ‘ta mağazadan çıkan bir bayan, üşüyen köpeğimizi görüyor. Ne yapsam diye düşünürken boynundan çıkardığı şalı üzerine örtüyor. Insanlar yavaş yavaş bile olsa artık bilinçleniyorlar. Umutluyuz

Posted by Boran Karahan on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Featured Image Screenshot from Boran Karahan via Facebook Video

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