Security Camera Footage Captures Puppy Thief In Broad Daylight

A surveillance camera caught two heartless men stealing a puppy from his home in Texas on October 6. That footage spread like wildfire across the internet during the days that followed.

As one suspect grabs the pup, the other tries to distract the adult dogs. Screenshot by Inside Edition via YouTube video

Scared Puppy Spurs Internet Action

The two men parked a black Cadillac SUV in front of Matthew Ivy’s home in the rural town of Mesquite, Texas. One of the suspects distracted the adult dogs while another grabbed 10-week-old Chipper, a French Mastiff, by the collar and the little pup can be heard yelping as the man hauls him over the fence, the Animal Rescue Site reports.

Frightened puppy Chipper yelps as he is yanked by the collar. Image by Inside Edition via YouTube video Suspect makes off with the pup. Screenshot by Inside Edition via YouTube video

The bold dognapping, which occurred in broad daylight, left Ivy feeling broken-hearted.

“I’ve always been a dog lover,” Ivy told a local news station. “These guys are family. I know it’s not a kid, but to me it feels like that.”

Matthew Ivy. Screenshot by Inside Edition via YouTube video

Ivy, a Dallas firefighter, was really upset when he discovered Chipper was missing.

“I panicked, looked in the yard for him,” Ivy said.

So he checked his security cameras and that’s when he found out what happened.

“I was livid,” he said.

The next step was to start a GoFundMe account, in the hopes of raising $5,000 to serve as a reward for the puppy’s safe return.

The video goes viral and the puppy is safely returned

The video was made public and has been viewed more than seven million times, Inside edition reports. And fortunately, the wife of Bryan Vazquez is one of those viewers. Vazquez, a local mechanic, had bought the puppy for $300 and didn’t know the little fellow was stolen, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Bryan Vazquez was shocked to find out that the puppy was stolen. Screenshot by Inside Edition via YouTube video

He returned Chipper to his home immediately.

“It feels good to have returned the dog and to have everything for the dog to be back where it belongs,” Vazquez says.

How cute are these photos?

The GoFundMe account was at $1150 when Chipper was returned, and Ivy, grateful to Vazquez, gave him half of the reward money, while the other half went to another person who’s been helpful in the situation.

And this little guy sure looks happy here:

Ivy loves French Mastiffs, which are also called Dogue de Bordeaux, and has ever since he was a little boy. He’d watched the movie, Turner & Hooch. The movie made him want to know more about this noble breed.

“It’s my life outside the fire department,” he said.

But when folks heard he was looking for one of these dogs, people discouraged him. That’s really unfortunate because they make awesome guard dogs yet also calm and gentle despite their imposing size — up to 27 inches at the shoulder — and weight (as much as 160 lbs.) Fortunately, people’s negativity didn’t dissuade Ivy.

“They told me ‘that’s just a mutt, you’ll never find one.’ Flipped through a dog book 15 years ago and found them. Did my research and got them. Been in love with them ever since.”

Puppy has a new name, new home, and new family

Chipper, who’s (ahem) microchipped is the last of his litter and was adopted by a family from Dripping Springs. Along with a new family, he has a new name: Riddick.

Mesquite police say an investigation into the suspects is ongoing. Anyone with information can call investigator J. Halbert at 972-216-6794.

Here’s the video of the heartwarming reunion between man and puppy below.

Featured image by Inside Edition via YouTube video

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