‘Security Guard’ Goose Sees His Best Friend And Has The Best Reaction


There were several break-ins at the Coastal Horse Care Unit, a horse rescue and rehab place in South Africa. The staff decided it was time to bring in security guards. But they may not be the type of guards you are imagining. These guards have feathers.


The two guards brought in to watch the rescue and rehab were geese. One of the geese especially likes Sheri Wilson, who is the stable manager’s assistant. “The female, Pepper, is friendly but a bit shy and Salt is obviously much more friendly and will walk up to you and ask for attention,” Wilson said. “He does try to preen my arms and calves and is a bit puzzled because I don’t have feathers to groom.”


Sheri Wilson

Salt Loved Wilson Right Away


It was love at first sight for Salt when he saw Wilson for the first time. “He settled in well here and would come right up and lean against my legs while I fed the ponies and donkey,” Wilson explained. For an animal who is meant to be a guard, this was especially sweet.


Nowadays when Salt sees Wilson, he runs right towards her. He truly loves his human friend! “Salt will come running from wherever he is as soon as he hears my voice,” Wilson said, “even if I’m calling the donkey or pony or dogs instead of him. He’ll walk right past the food I scatter to come and get pets and attention, so I think it’s mostly about the interaction.”

It might seem like these geese are too friendly to be effective as guardians. But this simply is not true.

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