See Why This Adorable Dog Is Sworn In By Court, Kids Think He's A Hero Already

Personality traits of a good bloodhound consist of being inquisitive, independent, and friendly this 13-week old bloodhound pup has them all. Good thing too, because he will be doing a very important work.   

Just like his human co-workers, he was recently sworn in by District Judge Jennifer JP Clancy to the West York Borough Police Department as their newest member of the K9 unit. 

This little cuties name is Prince (Detective Prince to be exact).  He will be part if the K9 Unit that finds missing children and adults with dementia.  He will work with his handler, training for at least eight months to a year.  Then he will officially start his new job.

Old Dog Meets New Dog

Lou, their current bloodhound of the West York Borough Police Department is getting ready to retire, Prince will take over his position on the team. Young Prince has some big paws to fill but I’m sure he will get a few tips from Lou before he takes over.   

As he trains a local Animal Hospital will be helping to take care of him.  The organization has already made donations to Detective Prince.  He has received a new bed, food, and plenty of treats from them, which will make his life more bearable.

Looks like he’s got the makings of a great detective spending most of his days snoozing and eating.  Just Kidding!  You can follow Detective Prince on his Facebook Page:

To see him getting sworn in watch the video below!

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