See The Most Adorable Quarantined Animals Loving Life! (New Videos)

The fact is, while many of us may be “suffering” a bit from not being able to leave our houses as we wish to, our quarantined animals aren’t. They are in love with having us home, more often, to cuddle, play, or in the case of cats, serve them well. Dogs, cats, ferrets, and so many other critters got a gift, their people.

So, if you’ve been having a tough time with sheltering-in-place, or simply are tired of your own four walls: this article is chock full of awesome pet videos you haven’t seen yet.

Come and enjoy the animals teaching us how to get through our lockdown, with their giant hearts, curious natures, and wet noses.

How Long Do You Do This?

This video, showing @briannastorey talking to her dog, is all of us trying to figure out how to be as self-entertained as our doggos…

Not So Happy…Hilariously

These Corgies have had enough of each other’s attitudes. They ain’t taking no more, neither. Honestly, if nothing else, this looks a lot like every sibling out there dealing with Xbox or Playstation rights…

US Weekly: Celebrities and Their Pets

US Weekly put out this cool little video dealing with how celebrity pets are dealing with the quarantine. From cuddles to bodily functions, to meditative happy thoughts: we love seeing the human side of celebs with their furbabies.

A Day In The Life of Hanz Welti

This quarantined doggo isn’t letting any of this time go to waste or waist! Hanz is an adorable chihuahua, and from the looks of his daily routine, he’s doing way better than we are at keeping it real. From a morning workout to beating the family at cards, this pup has it all together.

Social Distancing is More Fun with a Dog.

Truth. Nicole Sandler’s dog Jaxom decided that they’d go outside, for a swime. Social distancing is much easier when you have a pet to get you through!

Day by Day

In the scheme of things, our lives are pretty complex right now, but not to our quarantined animals. They’re the most awesome part of social distancing for many of us.

Thanks for stopping by to get your daily dose of Animals Being Cute! If you are looking for more great pet videos and stories, check out 10 Baby Owl Facts, or learn about how Queen Elizabeth swore ‘No More Dogs’ but this Corgi needed a home, (she melted). You can also see even more adorable animals here to cheer you up, with 10 minutes of the cutest puppies on TikTok!!

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