Selfie gone wrong, Jaguar mauls a careless Arizona woman at a zoo


There aren’t many of us who will ever forget the day that zoo officials put down a gorilla named Harmabe because careless parents allowed their toddler to wander into his enclosure. Sadly, it’s happened again. However, this time it was a woman old enough to know better and the wild animal is a Jaguar.


The incident took place just this past weekend, on a Saturday visit to Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park.

According to witnesses, the woman climbed over a low concrete wall that was keeping visitors a safe distance away from the Jaguar’s enclosure — she ignored the warning signs as well as the wall designed to keep her out of that area.

Image CC BY-ND 2.0 from Tambako the Jaguar via Flickr

Then, she leaned close to the fencing around the Jaguar to attempt to take a selfie with the cat.

No one knows if the woman put her hand inside the cage or not.

However, about that time, zoo goers heard a scream. The Jaguar reached through the fence and clamped its claws around the woman’s arm!


Now, we aren’t super clear about the extent of the woman’s injuries.

Here’s what we do know:

The Jaguar managed to catch hold of the woman’s arm, and she ended up with a severe laceration there.

Now, that was the extent of her injuries.


Check out the video below (warning — it’s pretty graphic)

However, her family insisted that the zoo call an ambulance, so that’s what happened.



Immediately after the incident, the zoo posted the following:

Since we all so clearly remember Harambe, on the internet, people immediately started defending the cat.

Luckily, in this case, the Jaguar was never in any danger.


The zoo made a follow-up post to explain:

NPR reported that the woman has since apologized for her careless actions.

So, luckily, this time around, the zoo didn’t harm the animal because of another human’s carelessness.

Both the animal as well as the selfish selfie snapper are doing fine.

So, this time at least, a human’s poor decision making did not lead to the death of an innocent animal.

Finally, read the signs at the zoo, and follow them and stay the hell out of the animal enclosures — they are there for a reason.

Image CC BY-ND 2.0 from Tambako the Jaguar via Flickr

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