Senior Dog Dumped At Shelter Because Owner Says He Was 'Stupid'

I know what it’s like to do one thing for almost two decades, only to have it all torn away in a heartbeat. Imagine, after 18 years in the same home with the same parents, suddenly finding yourself in a new place with cages and bars and strangers. That’s precisely what happened to this little poodle named Figgy when his owners dumped him at a shelter because, as they said, he was “stupid.”


His owners dropped Figgy at Muttville Senior Dog Center right before Christmas last year. At that time, he had arthritis, no teeth, and was also blind.

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Still, though, even according to the monsters that dumped him, he could “get around.”

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The staff at Muttville fell in love with Figgy right away. They even helped choose his new name. Workers at the shelter decided to do everything they could to help Figgy find a place that wasn’t in the cold and lonely shelter.


Workers got busy and quickly hunted down a new home for Figgy.

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Eileen is an experienced doggy hospice caretaker. Luckily for Figgy, she had room in her house. She decided to take him home and make sure that the last part of his life was as happy and full of love as possible.

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Figgy ended up getting the best Christmas present after all. Now, he gets to discover what it truly means to be loved unconditionally. He will be warm, loved, tended to, and cared for until it’s his time to cross the rainbow bridge.

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Although it’s late in his life, Figgy gets to have a second chance thanks to both the fantastic people at the Muttville shelter and his new mom.

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Watch Figgy’s video below and share his incredible story with your friends to put a smile on their face.

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18 years old and dumped at the shelter. But…

This little poodle we named FIGGY was turned in to the shelter at 18 years old. Why? The man’s wife didn’t “like” him. Because “he’s stupid.” We couldn’t believe it when we read the surrender form.Muttville to the rescue! We found him his perfect hospice home, and now Figgy is safe, warm, and loved. Now that’s a happy holiday! Thank you for making Figgy’s homecoming possible – and may your holidays be filled with sweet mutt kisses!

Posted by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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