Senior Dog Duo Are Abandoned in a Petco, They Need Your Help

Most of us realize that when you get an animal, it’s for life. That animal will love you unconditionally for their entire lives, and it’s our job to give them the same respect. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we have told a story like this one. Recently, a couple abandoned a pair of elderly dogs in a Petco, and they need your help.


Everyone loves young, energetic puppies and dogs. However, the sad reality is that once the dog’s age, many people just get rid of them.

Even worse than that, many times people don’t drop them at a shelter, either.

Instead, like in our story today, they drop them on the street or at their local pet store.

UPDATE: These dogs were kept safe until rescue could come and get them. They are now with Poet Rescue group. If anyone…

Posted by Julie Sly on Saturday, March 2, 2019

Here’s what happened this time:


The employees of a Petco in Allen Park, Wisconsin saw a couple coming into the store with the senior dogs. Someone noticed that the dog didn’t have collars — they had leashes around their necks instead.

The couple told employees that they were only there for a quick trip and they just forgot their collars.

Image Screenshot from WXYZ News Video

Well, it was only a few minutes later that another employee heard cries coming from one of the store’s restrooms.


Luckily, since Petco is a pet store, the employees there knew exactly who to call.

It didn’t take long for Lauren Boeson from P.O.E.T. Rescue showed up to get the pair of terrified animals.

Image Screenshot from WXYZ-TV News Video

Once at the rescue, the two dogs got their new names, Daffodil and Marigold.

Here’s what we have been able to figure out about them:

One of the dogs is approximately 10 to 12 years of age, and the other one is around 7.

There’s a chance that the older dog is the mother of the younger dog, but there’s no way to know for sure.

Rescuers think that breeders used both animals to pump out puppies for many years.

Image Screenshot from WXYZ-TV News Video

Both of the dogs are in emergency foster care at this time.

And finally, Daffodil and Marigold are a bonded pair, so anyone interested in adopting should have room for both of them.


By now, you are probably wondering how you can help.

Well, if you are interested in adopting these two sweet flowers, you can contact P.O.E.T. by clicking here.

You can also use the above link to send the two dogs monetary donations as well, which they always need.

And finally, share this story with your friends to spread the story and help Daffodil and Marigold find their forever home.

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