Senior Dog Found Alone In The Streets With Blue-Stained Fur


A little old blind dog named Max was found abandoned on the streets of Massachusetts. This in itself would not be a strange occurrence since stray dogs are often found. Max was not only blind but he also had blue fur.


The Scituate Animal Shelter

Scituate Animal Shelter took Max in. A vet at the shelter determined that Max was around 10 years of age and had a bad ear infection. Other than that, he was determined to be in good health for his age. But no one knew why his fur was dyed blue.


The Scituate Animal Shelter

The Mystery Of The Blue Ink Is Solved


Lisey Good, president of the board of directors for the Scituate Animal Shelter explained what she thought happened. “Max was bright blue pretty much everywhere but his face,” Good said. “We were mystified, but our vet helped us figure out the blue color (we think). We believe he had recently been treated for a severe flea infestation, using a flea ‘bath’ that can dye certain white coats blue.” Good continued, “We aren’t sure, but it seems to make sense given the fact that we could see he had recently had fleas but didn’t have any when he was found roaming the streets.”


The Scituate Animal Shelter

Max was given a bath at the shelter. “You could tell Max was thrilled to be cleaned up after his bath,” Good said. “The blue color came out pretty well and he got a trim which also helped. He loves being held, and can definitely sense when someone is in the room with him. The company soothes him.”


The Scituate Animal Shelter

Max is now in a foster home as he awaits a forever home. Because of his age, it would be great if he got a home soon. Max deserves to start living a life where he is loved and wanted for the rest of his life. “[He’s] our favorite blue dog, who also happens to be our only blue dog,” Good said.


The Scituate Animal Shelter

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