Senior Woman Is Given Cat For Christmas. Her Reaction Will Leave You In Tears

A sweet elderly woman had wanted a cat for so long.  Cat’s are such wonderful companions.  Shelters around the country are filled to the capacity with these inquisitive and loving felines.  Someone in this lady’s family had the great idea to get this woman the cat that she longed for.

As the box is handed to her, she comments that it’s heavy.  When those little black paws are the first to emerge from under the lid, it initially leaves her a bit startled.  And then her heart appears to just melt when she realizes that it’s a cat and the cat is hers to have and to love.

Love At First Sight

Two things touched me by this video that has been shared and gone viral.  The first thing is that the woman was overcome with such a pure and joyful happiness.  When she hugs the black kitty you can just see how thankful she is for this gift.  It was so special and touching for me to see such a genuine reaction of gratitude for the cat.

The second touching thing to me was the cat’s reaction as it emerged from the box.  I can’t think of many cats that would emerge from a box in a completely strange environment and be so calm loving.  The cat seemed just as happy to see the lady as the lady was to see the cat.

I hope these two have a long and healthy relationship.  Studies have shown that pets can help elderly people in so many ways.  From giving them a purpose to keeping them active to the physical benefits of the animal care.

The shelters are filled with animals of all ages just waiting for homes.  Perhaps more elderly people would benefit from a cat the way that this lady already has.

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