Veteran's Service Dog Lost During Hurricane, Allegedly Held For Ransom By Lowlife

It’s devastating to know there are people who like to benefit from other people’s misfortune. Dawn Evins is no stranger to misfortune. She had lost her service dog last year as Hurricane Harvey approached her Texas neighborhood. Unfortunately, the man who had found her dog decided he was going to hold him for ransom. How can one human being be so cruel?

We all know how important service dogs are to those who have physical, mental and emotional disabilities. They help them function properly and become great companions, and when Evins lost Freddie her world turned upside down.

“(Freddie) calms me down. I have seizures so he helps me with that,” said Evins.

Freddie apparently got scared of the rain as it started to pelt Texas. Not only that, a car had rushed by which made the poor dog run away.

“I was walking down 529 down Barker Cypress and it was raining real bad,” said Evins. “He took off running behind that church and I never saw him again.”

Image via abc13 video

The phone call that changed everything

A friend offered to help Evins find Freddie. Jennifer Williams and Evins created a Facebook page and made flyers, believing that kind-hearted people may take a notice of Freddie and return him to her. For the next ten days, Evins was out on the streets calling for Freddie. Until she received a call she’d been praying for. Someone had found Freddie.

Unfortunately, they weren’t willing to bring him back unless she paid for him. Freddie was being held for ransom.

“(The man said) are you the dog’s owner I was like yes he’s like I have your dog but I’m telling you right now nonnegotiable $300 or your dog or you will never see your dog again,” explained Evins.

Neither Evins nor her friend knew how to respond to this message. “I didn’t even know how to respond to it, absolutely mortified for my friend,” said Williams. “It was so bizarre it felt like a kidnapping.”

Freddie was returned

Finding that much money was going to be difficult as Evins was homeless and had no finances. Thankfully, strangers and friends decided to help her out. She finally set up a meeting with the man to get her dog back.

Image via abc13 video

Evins handed the man his money, and could finally embrace her furry friend. Freddie was excited to see his companion again. Luckily, Williams captured the exchange on her cell phone.

“It picked up everything the transaction from when he took the money,” said Williams.

After that much time apart, Freddie was happy to be reunited with his friend. “He’s never been like that where he’s just crying and going crazy,” Evins said.

Image via abc13 video

After the whole ordeal, Evins was pretty shaken up. However, she is happy to have Freddie by her side once again. As for the incident, Evins made a report and handed over the video Williams had recorded. It is unknown as to whether the man has been dealt with or not. Thankfully, Freddie is safe and sound.

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