College Student Drops Out Until She Meets Skittles And Her Life Is Changed Forever

.Being true heroes to their humans, service dogs rarely receive any recognition for it. However, Taylor Dearman noticed her service dog, Skittles, needed a little time in the spotlight too.

Diagnosed with anxiety and depression so severe she had seizures, a young college student Taylor needed to drop out of school. Taylor’s area of study was in Nursing. She moved to Georgia to be closer to her parents.

At that time, she received Skittles, her service dog.College Student Drops Out Until Ond Day She Meets Skittles Her Life Is Changed Forever

“It was so bad that I had to quit school and take a year off,” Taylor told Inside Edition. “With [Skittles,] I haven’t had a seizure.”

Thankfully, Taylor reentered school at Texas A&M University and completed her degree with Skittles by her side.

Recognizing that Skittles played a huge role in her graduation, Taylor thought he should walk across the stage that day.

“I couldn’t do it without her, so she’s the one that’s really pushed me and helped me get better, ” Taylor explained. “She’s just my world now.”

Everybody feels proud of Taylor and they’re glad Skittles could share the moment with her.

“ I’m more willing to tell everyone that just because you can’t see a disability doesn’t mean it’s not there,” shared Dearman. “I think that’s where Skittles has helped me the most. I know I’m different but together as a team, we’ve come so far and have accomplished so many great things.”

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Not only did Skittles attended Dearman’s classes on campus. But she also accompanied her during her student teaching courses at Oak Park Elementary. Initially, Dearman was worried she would have to leave her helper at home while student teaching but her professor, Dr. Robin Johnson, Assistant Professor, School-University Partnership Coordinator and Program Director for Barrio Writers at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, encouraged to pursue this new teaching opportunity.

“The students know that when she sits in her spot, they leave her alone. Unless she comes up to them, which usually means she’s trying to comfort them. She  also knows when they are not feeling well.  For example, one of our student’s parents passed away last year and Skittles stayed by that student’s side for a whole week. She’s actually been a great behavioral tool in the classroom.”

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