Service Dog Can Do More Than The Normal, His Owners Were Astonished By His Talent


When adopting a dog, you do not truly know what to expect. They could be the absolute best dog in the world. But there is always a possibility that they could be the most naughty dog you have ever met. After a family adopted Arwen, a Husky/Kelpie mix, they realized he was a naughty little pooch pretty soon into their daily life.


The Tumblr user gallusrostromegalus describes her experiences with the family dog. She comments,


“Arwen was trained as an Autism Service Dog by inmates as part of a prison rehab/service dog charity program.”

Although Arwen spent most of her time helping people, at her new home it did not appear that way. When she first arrived, her new dad questioned,


“I wonder if she can jump?”

Almost immediately after he questioned Arwen’s abilities, she proved herself by jumping over a six-foot fence. Her new owners were astonished, but it did not stop there. Later that night the naughty doggy jumped up on top of the counter and ate all of the family’s dinner. Unfortunately, the shenanigans continue.


On a different occasion, Arwen spent her night flushing the toilet and enjoying some water from the toilet bowl. When her owners confronted her, she looked at them and continued to wastewater. The next morning, when her owners found Arwen in the freezer, they were not surprised. The poor pooch was hot since the family did not have AC in the hot summer. They left the room for one minute to find her eating the frozen green beans.


“She farted for three days.”


Arwen’s latest adventure was eating a hole in the carpet. When her owners found her sitting next to her hole, she acted as if nothing happened.


Sometimes dogs will be naughty, but like these dog owners, they persevered and fell in love with Arwen. If you own a naughty dog share and like this post with friends!

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