Seuss the Seal finally finds his way home after an aquarium saved his life


Here at Animals Being Cute, we usually write about other people’s experiences with animals. Well, today, we’re talking about a story that I witnessed first-hand — Seuss the Seal in Rhode Island.

You see, Suess is a yearling male Harp Seal, and he had eaten too many rocks.


Back in March 2019, workers at the Mystic Aquarium in Rhode Island received a call. A seal was in severe distress, and he couldn’t seem to swim correctly.

Image Screenshot from Mystic Aquarium

Now, a sinking seal is in a great deal of trouble, of course. So, a rescue team from the aquarium brought the seal in to see if they could spot the problem.


Sadly, Suess the Seal had accidentally swallowed too many stones. The extra weight in his belly kept dragging him under the water.

Luckily, the doctors were able to remove the stones from Suess’s belly successfully. Then, after a recovery period, it was time for the big day.

Image Screenshot from Mystic Aquarium via Facebook Video

Now, my boyfriend and I, having made plans for Rhode Island last minute, had no idea what was going on. Instead, we arrived and checked over the dunes to ensure the beach wasn’t too crowded.


As soon as we peered onto the beach, however, we spotted the gathered crowd. We knew something was going on, though, as everyone was looking at the same thing.

Somehow, we had arrived at the beach just in time to witness this magical moment.

Image Screenshot from Mystic Aquarium via Facebook Video

As Suess the Seal stepped out of his crate, he peered around at those of us in the crowd. However, after just a moment, Suess was off like a shot — straight towards the ocean.


Everyone stood and watched quietly as instructed. The last thing rescuers wanted was for us to disturb the seal’s progress.

Image Screenshot from Mystic Aquarium via Facebook Video

Suess adorably made his way down the beach. As you can see in this photo, as he reached the camera near the shoreline, Suess stopped to tell everyone a final goodbye.

Image Screenshot from Mystic Aquarium via Facebook Video

Suess even swung around a few times once he was in the water — making everyone on the beach giggle.

Indeed, as often as I write about stories like this, seeing an animal rescue in person was like witnessing a miracle.

Check out Suess going home in the video below: 

Seuss Returns To The Sea!

At today’s release of Seuss, a yearling male harp seal, Animal Rescue Team volunteer Katie P was heard saying…"One fishTwo fishRed fish Blue fishYou may have ate rocksBut you don't wear socksYou're off to great places!Today is your day!Your ocean is waiting, so…Get on your way!"

Mystic Aquarium 发布于 2019年6月14日周五

Share this story with your friends to thank the rescuers at Mystic Aquarium for their hard work.

Featured Image Screenshot from Mystic Aquarium via Facebook Video

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