These Seven Dogs Learned They Are To Be Adopted And Their Reactions Says It All

Adoption Photos Are Awesome

People know dogs as “man’s best friend.” That statement proves itself true time and time again. With their love and companionship, dogs become a necessity in every home. With the love they give, dogs deserve just as much love in their forever home. Dogs love unconditionally, so it’s heartbreaking for them when they see their owner, their best friend, leave them at a shelter not understanding why they would leave them.

Some dogs don’t always get so lucky with their home situation where they have one forever home. Whether it be sent to the pound or possibly never even making it there, we animal lovers try our best to make a good life for every animal out there. But, that’s what adoption is for! Take a look at the smiles on these dogs faces in these photos after they meet their new families. These seven dogs finally found their forever home!

Photo Time!

Luna shows just how happy she is to be on her way to her new home! Awww so comfy.

This family looks complete with this excited pup! Put your paws in the air like you just don’t care!

Look at that big happy smile! Tongue loll and all!

These two look to be perfect partners in crime. We wonder if he’ll get to go on trips with him when he gets older and catch the bad guys!

This pup goes in for a big hug to thank him for adopting him. Tear fest alert!

Finally, this pup can sleep peacefully with his new owners. Along with his tuckered out new owner!

These two share their excitement with a quick selfie. Those two were made for each other.

Share these adorable adoption photos if you’re happy they found their forever home! We certainly are!

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