Seven Doggy and Kitty Havens That You Have To See To Believe

Here at Animals Being Cute, we love our four-legged friends to the moon and back. As pet owners, who doesn’t want to spoil their fur babies rotten with the coolest digs this side of town? Well, a few people have had the time, the energy, and the fantastic creativity to create spaces for their pets that are enviable by anyone’s standards.

Once you lay your eyes on these designs, you are going to wish you had four legs so it wouldn’t look silly to hang out there yourself.


You may have seen the first creator a time or two on HGTV Star. Vern Yip was a judge on there and knows a thing or two about design. Well, he and his partner share a home in Atlanta with their two kids and their four beloved doggos, as well.

Image By HGTV Via

Yip’s beloved canines have their very own room. Having their own space helps keep the rest of the house clean and, according to Yip:

“…A space that smells like their territory makes them feel safe.”

In their room, each dog has its own bed, metal antler racks for leashes, tennis ball buckets, and glass jars to hold plenty of treats.


If you know anything at all about cats, you know that they love secret hiding spots and places that only they can reach. This next design is nothing short of Shangri-la for cats.

Image By Catastrophe Creations via

Catastrophic Creations, Kimberly’s cat Haven created this spectacular cat room. It includes hammocks, perches, and bridges for her cats to have endless hours of fun, kitty-style.


Why have a laundry room that looks just like everyone else’s? Well, Barbara and Edward Marshall of Arkon Ohio thought the same thing. They decided their laundry room should serve double duty as a spa for their beloved pets.

Image By This Old House via

Instead of cutting the dogs off from their favorite outdoor activity, which is playing in the mud, the couple decided to create a space that would make clean-up a breeze. It even includes a custom-built doggy shower!


We all know how much our favorite felines like sitting in the window. We all want to be able to allow our kitties to play outside, but it isn’t always safe to do so.

Image By The Cat Carpenter via

Well, thanks to Cat Carpenter, now our favorite felines can have the best of both worlds. These “Catios” are custom-built, fenced-in patios explicitly designed to allow your kitties to feel like they are right outside.

With one of these Catios, kitties get as much outside time as they please, thank you very much.


This next design looks like it could be a spa located in a swanky district of New York City. When you learn that it is another laundry room given a boost for dogs your mouth will probably gape open as mine did.

As part of a 2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase, Dina Bandman came up with this chic design.

Image by Dina Bandman Interiors via

This doggy-inspired laundry room on steroids features a custom dog shower with a blue and white color palette that is to die for.


This next design will make you feel warm all over. This doggy-centric room looks so inviting it warms the heart just looking at the photograph. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with their best friend by the fire in this room?

Image by Wing Wong and Maureen Nowak via Houzz via

This hangout for you and your pooch includes a four-poster dog bed, for the discerning ladies and gentleman, of course. It also has dog wallpaper and a fire hydrant statue. I just spent my first winter here in New York, and I am not sure I would have left this room if it were in my house.

I am positive I would never have gotten my Sophie dog out of there.


If you live in a dog-centric house like mine, this next space may be just for you. We take in fosters and have overnight guests quite often. This custom space would fit right in here.

This design is a barn fit for every social canine.

Image by Interiors by SFA Design via Houzz via

Complete with plush furniture, cozy sleeping mats, and tucked away areas for naps, pups hanging out in here won’t be lonely for long.

Do you have a cool hangout for your pet? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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