She heard something under the hood, kitten was stuck on the hot motor

A kitten was in a situation that he couldn’t get out of without help. The kitten, now named Kesto was caught in the engine of a vehicle in a store parking lot. His feet and ears were burning from the heat of the engine. This would have soon been the end of Kesto’s life, had a good samaritan not heard his cries for help.


Kitten Was Being Burned Next To the Engine

A woman named Mary was walking by the car when she heard Kesto’s cries for help. Upon further investigation after crawling under the parked car, she saw Kesto caught. “He got trapped when he tried to escape. He was caught by his back legs in all the wires and rods behind the wheel. His ear, paw, and nose had been scorched by the hot metal of the engine,” Mary explained.


Mary wasted no time in freeing the scared and hurt kitten. “As soon as I got him free, I held him to my chest and scooted back out from under the car to look at him and assess his situation,” she said.

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“His front legs were slightly bowed from malnutrition, and his claws stuck out like grizzly bear feet. He had trouble even standing on his own for the first couple days,” Mary said. Her husband had doubts that the little kitten would survive but Mary kept the faith. “I knew he could do it,” she said.


Mary and Kesto were quickly developing a strong bond. “He trusted me from the moment I touched him. I was absolutely in love, and I knew he was going to be my new baby.”

Let The Healing Begin

Kesto’s nose and paws healed up wonderfully, but his ear could not be saved. It had been touching the hot engine for too long. “He looked like a little teapot for about three days as his ear curled in on itself. He lost about 70% of his ear tip. It basically had been snipped,” Mary explained. The one ear eventually dried up and fell off.

“Vet gave him antibiotics and an ointment that I needed to apply twice a day for up to about a week after it came off,” Mary said. “He had a regular check-up with the vet and they said it healed about as well as such an injury could have.”

Mary’s dogs and cats helped in Kesto’s recovery. She said of her dog Rio, “She was the best auntie while he was healing. Between cleanings, she would lick his ear and help keep it healthy.”


Her cat, East also helped in Kesto’s rehabilitation. “They play together all the time, up and down the cat trees. They are inseparable.” Mary said. Another of Mary’s cats, Lucas helped Kesto learn to be confident. “He was instrumental in helping him transition into home life and making him feel as spoiled as every baby kitty deserves,” Mary explained.


A Very Happily Ever After

This story could have ended without anyone knowing of the kitten in the engine. Kesto could have easily died a lonely and painful death while trapped next to the engine. Thanks to Mary though, he now is loved and cared for in a home where he is safe. Mary beams, “He has made such good progress and grown into such an amazing little cat. I fall in love more every day.”

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