She Tells German Shepherd She Can’t Have What She Wants. The Pup Throws The Most Dramatic Hissy Fit

Life is extremely unpredictable. There is no knowing the true outcome of anything. Once we find out the outcome, we are either satisfied or disappointed. If we are satisfied with a situation, we usually move on. But if we move on, we tend to linger thinking about it. Although we shouldn’t, humans often times react badly when they are disappointed. How? We can start to cry, or yell, or even go crazy! The possibilities are endless.

Apparently, dogs are too much different from humans. When things do not go their way, dogs react also. Has your dog ever whined? Or barked at you? Well, usually that means your loving pet hasn’t gotten food or attention. Dogs’ reactions can be hilarious. But this one takes the cake!

Sadie, an adorable dog, was not too happy with her owner recently. When Sadies owner denied Sadie a toy, Sadie had a full-on hissy-fit. Although it is quite unusual for dogs to show their emotions as well as humans, Sadie accomplished the task.

In the video, Sadie is seen sitting next to her owner. Sadie looks deeply at her owner as if she needs or wants something. But when her owner does not give it to her, and Sadie does not appreciate that. So she barks a little. And then she flails her body on the ground (like a toddler would).  Lastly, she groans.

Sadies owner states,

“Sadie, nobody cares!”

Sadie does react; she gives out another groan at her owner. This hilarious video displays how does can be so much more like humans than we think. Sadie’s sassiness shines immensely in this video. The audience will be amazed by how much she resembles a human hissy-fit.

If you would like to see the actual video watch it below. Sadie is truly hilarious.

Here’s 7 seconds of your life you won’t mind losing lol!!! Over dramatic dog throwing a fit

Posted by Diane Ringler Alford on Thursday, January 4, 2018

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