She Was Terrified Of Pitbulls–Then One Massive Boy Changed Everything

Pitbulls have an undeserved bad reputation. Through the years, between the misinformation and the hype, bully breeds are under attack around the country. Here at Animals Being Cute, we don’t like lies and misinformation. No one breed is inherently good or bad. Just check out this story of redemption for a proud pittie mama that just needed a sweet boy to show her he wasn’t scary at all.


I want you to meet Aletha Parker. Today, she might love bully breeds even more than I do, and that’s saying something. She certainly didn’t start out that way, though. She told me she’s always loved nature and animals. However, for a long time, she was absolutely terrified of bully breeds.

Until a very special boy decided to pay her a visit, that is.

When a “massive” white pitbull first showed up in her yard, she was terrified. The first couple times she shooed him away, but she said she always felt guilty because she knew he was lost. Until early one morning, 4:30 am to be exact; she heard voices in her laundry room.

Her husband called her into the room, so with bleary eyes she went to check things out. She entered the laundry room, and there was her husband deep in conversation with the massive white pitbull.

At that moment, she knew she had a decision to make. She said since she knew she couldn’t run away, she decided to make the best of it. She gently said, “hey baby boy,” and the pitbull’s reaction changed her world.

“He pittie smiled at me!! And that was the end of my cold heart,” said Aletha.


After that, it didn’t take long for Aletha to overcome her fears entirely. The misinformation is scary and easily believable because, sadly, a lot of bad owners choose bully breeds. It boils down to simple math. Aletha saw the truth quickly through Sam, and he never left her side. Until the unimaginable happened, that is.

Sam disappeared, then two weeks later they found his body. Someone had shot Aletha’s sweet boy and killed him. She was shattered and broken for two full weeks, like any of the rest of us would have been. But wait, this is not the end of Aletha’s story.

Sam left a little something behind before he met his tragic end.

Aletha’s husband came home and informed her that Sam had been quite busy. As it turned out, Sam fathered a litter of puppies before he met his tragic end. Her husband said, “Go pick you up a pup.”


At first, Aletha told me that she wanted a boy because Sam was so very sweet and protective. However, as soon as she walked through the door, the runt of the litter, a female, decided that was her mom.

Like a shot, this tiny dog with a severe overbite claimed her territory.

“Like Sam, she came crashing into me with no fear,” said Aletha. “I went four times to view the pups and she was the only one that would come to me. She chose me!”

The final shift happened for Aletha at Sissy’s first veterinary appointment. The vet, after a short visit, said that Sissy should be a therapy dog. That thought sent Aletha down a path she would never have dreamed for herself before she met Sam.


Today, not only is Sissy nearly through school to become a full-fledged therapy dog, she and her mom spend their days advocating for this beautiful breed.

Just when Sissy was due to start her advanced training, Althea’s family had to hit the road for her husband’s work. Aletha quickly realized that while they were on the road, it would be an excellent time to hit the streets and let Sissy’s sweet nature change some minds.

Together, Aletha and Sissy meet hundreds and hundreds of people, and they are changing minds from one coast to the other.

Sissy will finish up her classes as soon as they can get settled long enough for her to do so. For now, the two best buddies are happy enough to show the world just how incredible these sweet-natured babies can be.

Do you know someone who has the wrong idea about pit bulls? Please share this story with them to show that anyone can come back from that.

Writer’s note: Aletha wanted me to tell everyone that after Sam arrived, they tried desperately to find his old family, in case anyone recognizes the photo. Sam showed up at her house in Welsh, Louisiana. Until the very end, he had a wonderful life with his second family.

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