Shelter Dog Can't Stop Wagging Her Tail When She Gets A Gift From Her Adoptive Family

Only months ago Dora was roaming the streets as a stray.  When she arrived at the city pound she was underweight and need medical attention for a skin issue.   Dora was traumatized.  She was in need of care and affection both were immediate needs.

Grab your tissues because here is where the story gets good.  Dora was adopted and her new family decided to send her a present while she waited for them.   They sent a big box full of toys, treats, a handmade doll and a heartfelt card.

Dora watched the package being open by her care giver she couldn’t sit still and her tail was wagging the entire time. She was so excited to get new toys and treats, and they were all hers.

The doll was knitted by her new mom and looked just like her.  Now Dora could have something to snuggle with every night until she could be picked up.

At her new home, there will be miles of hills, woods, lakes, and beaches.  Dora will have a life filled with exploring and fun with her new family.  Her new family also consists of a doggy brother, Cole (all the more fun!)

Not long ago she was homeless, sick and living on the streets.  Soon she will be part of a loving family that will make sure she is loved every day of her life.

She will finally get to run and play like a dog is suppose to.  She has a lot of fun days ahead of her.

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