Shelter Thinks Of Incredible Idea To Help Get Their Dogs Adopted

One Seattle area animal shelter has come up with a way to get their pups out, about, and meeting potential adopters. They take them out for a coffee.

Well, not really.

Cups for Pups

The Kitsap Humane Society in Seattle, WA, has started what they call the Puppuccino Pals Program. Every Tuesday, shelter volunteer Molly Clark takes one lucky pup to a local Starbucks for a “puppucino.” What’s that, you might ask. Don’t worry — it’s just a small cup of whipped cream.

Starbucks helps by posting signs in advance, telling the guests about the “Puppuccino Pup Of The Week.” In this way, people get excited about the celebrity pup. They may even come in specially to meet them. And a lucky dog may leave with more than just a cup of whipped cream. They may leave with a new home.

But what about nervous dogs? Or dogs who don’t like crowds? Not to worry. In this case, Clark will bring a different dog. But the Pup of the Week will still get the exposure. Also, Clark will bring their puppuccino back to the shelter for them to enjoy there.

And Starbucks benefits too — from people who come in to meet the Pup of the Week and buy food or drink while waiting to meet them.

Good for the Dogs

Shelter life can be dull, lonely, and frightening. As a result, some dogs might not be at their best when potential adopters come to visit. Bringing the dogs out of the shelter gives them a taste of freedom. It also helps them to remember that there is life beyond their four cement walls. Also, it helps to relieve boredom and anxiety. As a result, when people come to the shelter, puppuccino pups may be happier and more relaxed. And that means more adoptable.

“The dogs love the shelter breaks, and they adore the Puppuccinos,” Kimberly Cizek Allen, events and outreach assistant coordinator at the Kitsap Humane Society, told The Dodo. “You can see it in their little eyes as they lick the whipped cream out of the cup.”

Kitsap Humane Society also posts its Puppucino Pals on its Instagram site.

More Secret Pet Menus

The Puppuccino is one of the items on the famous Starbucks “secret menu.” But Starbucks isn’t the only restaurant that will whip up something special for your pet. Shake Shack will whip up a special doggy dessert called the Pooch-ini. It’s made with dog biscuits, peanut butter, and vanilla custard. At Johnny Rockets, you can get hamburgers especially made for dogs. In-N-Out will go one better and give your pup two patties and two slices of cheese. And Le Pain Quotidien stocks dog treats and will bring your dog water.

So, if you’re thinking about taking your pup out and about, now you know where to go! You could even visit your local animal shelter and start a program of your own for their dogs.

Learn more about the Puppuccino Pals Program in the video below.

Featured Image: CC BY 2.0, by Skeddy in NYC, via Flickr

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