Shelter Volunteer Gets Surprise Proposal From Her Boyfriend Through A Note Attached To One Of The Shelter Dogs

Theresa never expected to read what she did on a note attached to a dog at the shelter. As a volunteer at an animal shelter, she thought the note might be related to an issue with the dog. But little did she know until she read it that the note would change her life forever.

Teresa was delivering medicine to homeless pets and not expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen that day. Her boyfriend watched and waited for his cue with an engagement ring in his hand. Just as Theresa read the note, he appeared and went down on one knee to ask for her hand. Theresa was in shock and not sure that he was for real at first.

She remembers that special moment and what was going through her head. “I was really thinking the vet tech needed help with a dog that maybe somebody abandoned and left a note,” Theresa said. “The note said, ‘Will you marry me? Teddy,’ in parentheses, ‘(not this dog).’”

The proposal became an internet sensation with over one thousand views online. “For me, this shelter is a really special place … so it’s nice that this has become an even bigger part of our history,” Theresa said.

Theresa and her finance hope that their engagement will draw attention to animals living at shelters. And maybe their unique proposal will even help shelters. “In the back areas there are so many cats and dogs that need families,” Theresa said. “The staff truly cares. It’s hard for them to get enough help.”

Theresa said that the shelter has been such a special place for her and her fiance, and now it’s even more special that it can be a part of their history.

Watch The Sweet Marriage Proposal Here.

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