Shelter's Longest-Term Resident Cries All Day Hoping His Forever Family Will Hear Him

Over a year ago, Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Derwood, MD received Juice, a pit bull. Previously, his owners moved away and felt they couldn’t bring Juice along. Even though it’s a sad story, Juice seemed to be doing fine in the shelter. Juice had a charming, easygoing personality. Sadly, Juice never found his home. Though he became the shelter’s oldest resident, he seemed perfectly happy. Actually, Juice seemed so happy they used him as an example dog. He managed the stress of shelter life without getting depressed. But sadly, Juice started to take a bad turn.

“But in the past month that changed- he started to lose his confidence. Then he was adopted and we jumped for joy! But it wasn’t the right match, and after a couple of days he was back in his kennel, more stressed than ever. Staff started to notice him crying, panting, and pacing more often.

One of our staff took him home for a “sleepover” this week to give him a break from the shelter and try to help him relax. But when she brought him back in the morning and put him back in the kennel, he started crying. And didn’t stop. All day.”

“He loved my back yard, where he got to run and smell new smells, and you could practically see how happy he was to be free,” she says. “Throughout the entire sleepover, he was a total cuddle bug.”

The shelter says Juice is the perfect dog for any family. Workers hope to see the sweet dog get adopted soon. They really hope to find him a home, so he can stop crying and be happy. All Juice wants is a forever home to be loved and to love someone back. In this heartbreaking video, you see Juice crying for a home, tired of being lonely.

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