Shivering Pup Begs Woman for Help–She Spots a Weird Object Around His Neck

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A wet, shivering pup found on the side of the road is a tough sight to behold. When Audra Petraškienė spotted him near a river, she couldn’t believe what she saw. He needed her assistance. Even worse, he had a makeshift anchor around his neck.

Image via screen capture from video via Facebook

Pup Left To Die

Audra couldn’t believe her eyes when she stopped that fateful day. She snapped this quick video of the dog and posted it to her social media.

Posted by Audra Petraškienė on Friday, June 1, 2018

The clip she posted to her Facebook page gained more than 845,000 views!

Heartbroken, Audra couldn’t believe someone would be so cruel as to do this to a small pup. Whoever did this tossed him into the river and sped off. Thankfully, Audra had taken a drive near a small Lithuanian village and spotted him.

After she removed the makeshift anchor from around his neck, she dried the puppy off and took him home. Once there, she called for help.

Cherry Garden Animal Shelter Takes A Look At The Pup

The local animal shelter, Cherry Garden, took over the care of this pup. The vet weighed the makeshift anchor and was shocked to find it weighed 6kg. That’s 13 pounds!

Shelter director, Monika Mužaitė, said it appeared someone had tried to kill the dog “in the most extreme way.” He called it a “sadistic” act of cruelty.

The puppy was thankfully reunited with his owner. It appears that the dog was dognapped from his home. Upon hearing what happened, he was distraught about what happened to his dog. According to an article by Bored Panda, the police are investigating what happened to this dog.

Image via screen capture from website

We don’t know who fixed the makeshift anchor around the puppy’s neck, or how he came to be on the side of the road.

Happy Ending For This Puppy

Aside from the investigation of this horrid act of cruelty, we are thankful to report that this puppy is in good hands. He is currently recovering from his ordeal. Hopefully, whoever did this gets caught. Until then, the puppy is happy and safe.


Featured Image via screen capture from the website via Addicting Stories

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