Shivering Puppies Kept Warm By Stray Mom, Rescuers Are Shocked What's Under The Blanket

We hear countless stories of how people take in animals that have been abandoned by others.  But it’s rare to hear of an animal taking in a human baby.  But that’s exactly what happened in Argentina.

A stray dog had recently given birth to puppies.  They were young and not weaned yet.  The mother dog was out foraging for food when she heard the cries of a human infant.  She didn’t hesitate to come to his rescue.  The baby had been abandoned by his 34-year-old mother who is now detained by authorities.

The dog using incredible senses took her own puppies to the infant and basically made a little make-shift den right there.  The warmth of the puppies and the mother dog kept the baby warm on that freezing night.

Baby is Found To Be Completely Well

When local resident Alejandra Griffa heard the baby crying that next morning, she went out to investigate.  It was then that she found the baby.  Griffa rushed the baby to the hospital.  Medical staff tended to the infant and found no ill effects.  The baby was completely healthy thanks to the dog and pups for keeping him warm on that bitter night.

Some of the media attention has covered this story as the dog was just being a dog.  But I personally think the dog was being a hero.  She certainly had maternal instincts in full swing since she had just given birth to her own puppies.  But she didn’t have to move her puppies to the infant.  To think of the effort involved in moving her little pack to the infant, makes me realize how much she did just to help that baby. A hero is a hero, without needing to debate why.  One little boy is alive today thanks to this homeless dog and her puppies that saved his life.

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