SHOCKING: Drone Shows The Truth Behind Laboratory Dogs


Drone footage has revealed that dogs are being kept at a laboratory and treated very cruelly. Many are calling the conditions and treatments that they suffer horrific. Humans with any sense of compassion everywhere should be enraged and push for a stop to this kind of barbaric treatment of animals. Let’s take a look at what we know so far since the facility keeping the dogs is not commenting.



The facility where the drone coverage found the beagles used to belong to Virginia’s Covance. Now it is a place filled with beagles covered in their own urine and feces.


The Covance Research Facility has already been caught in the past when PETA found they were operating a monkey testing laboratory. When this drone coverage was filmed, the facility was acquired by an animal testing and breeding company named “Envigo”. As of yet, Envigo is not publicly responding to inquires as to what they are doing with the beagles.



Animal Lovers Need To Unite To Put An End To This Abuse


Pressure needs to be placed on Envigo to give an explanation. Animals suffering like this is never ok. Human beings should be the caretakers of dogs, not torturers. Because dogs have no voice of their own in cases like this, we need to be their voice. If you would like to help in the fight against abuse of these beagles, you can sign a petition here.


This coverage may be hard to watch. However, it will help if people see the horrific conditions that these beagles are being kept in. Below is a video of the footage. Remember, to sign the petition and share with all of your animal-loving friends.


In conclusion, let’s remember that together we can put a stop to animal abuse. Furthermore, it is going to take people uniting for the sake of the animals for this to end now and forever.


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