Shocking news: green turtle population shows a recent increase

We often hear about global warming and the awful effects it has on our planet. Another common topic is saving the endangered animals on our planet, such as sea turtles. If you stopped drinking from plastic straws and using less plastic for the sea turtle, you will be happy to hear this.

A recent survey taken in the Pacific Ocean shows some really great results for the Green Sea Turtle. According to this survey, Green Sea Turtle populations living along coral reefs in Hawaii have increased from 2005 to 2015. After finding these results, a lot of people believe that hunting bans helped the numbers.

Kyle Van Houtan, the lead researcher for this survey and chief scientist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California, states,

“You often hear such bad and challenging news about the threats that our ocean faces. There are places where there are a lot of sea turtles very close to shore. And that’s good news.”

Years ago, Green Sea Turtles were hunted for their meat. Recently, states made it illegal to hunt the endangered species, and rightfully so. During their research, divers counted the sea turtles underwater since that was more accurate. While on their 4,500-mile journey the team found 3,500 Green Sea Turtles underwater. Van Houtan adds,

“This is the kind of data and the kind of study we’ve wanted for so long.”

Over the years they concluded that the population has increased 8% every year. The next big challenge for these turtles is climate change, especially in the ocean. These animals heavily rely on the right temperature in the waters they live in. Lastly, he comments,

“They’re very resilient animals, and they’ve lived for millions of years. The turtles aren’t going to roll over and die.”

Please if you want to see the Green Sea Turtle thrive, make sure to share this article. We need to bring awareness to our marine life.

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