Shots Fired At A Barking Chihuahua Costs An Arkansas Sheriff His Job


Police officers are there to protect the citizens from all unruliness. But sometimes sadly there are police officers that fall short of doing their duties correctly. One police officer named Wallace in Arkansas shot a barking Chihuahua. Consequently, he has since been fired.


The incident was caught on camera and shared on Twitter. Wallace is seen asking Doug Canady to come out to the road. Wallace was requesting to speak with him. Canady refused to come out. Next Wallace walks towards Canady. Canady’s Chihuahua named Reese then started barking at the officer. To the dog, Wallace is a stranger entering the property. The dog is simply doing his job by barking. What happens next is where the story turns very bad.


Wallace then shoots at Reese’s head. The dog was hit. Reese began to cry and roll in the grass. Mr. Canady can be heard shouting, “Are you f****** kidding me? You’re f****** kidding me.” Wallace replied: “I told you.”


The Sheriff’s Department Fired The Deputy And Releases Statement


Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals released a statement about the shooting. The statement said that Wallace was fired because his actions “fell short” of standards of the department. Ryals went on to say, “I believe there were numerous opportunities to de-escalate the incident. I hold my Deputies to the highest of standards to protect and serve the residents of our community. Unfortunately, a deputy fell short to those standards.”



Reese underwent surgery to repair the damages from the gunshot. Reese is a fighter and has survived. But he has a shattered jaw and is needing a feeding tube for nutrition.


Canady has since shared a video of himself with Reese at the hospital. “My heart broke when he shot her. What did that poor dog do?” Canady said.


The sheriff added, “Our Department is [saddened] about this incident and apologizes for any distress and disappointment this incident has caused anyone who was affected by this disheartening event. We will keep Reese in our thoughts through the recovery process.”


The following video contains images that some may find distressing.


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