Shy cat desperate to find home after 400 long days in the shelter

Not every animal will be outgoing and boisterous. It can be difficult for shelters to find homes for animals that are shy — even if they happen to be the sweetest thing ever. Unfortunately, for the shy cat you are about to meet, that meant he spent over 400 days at a shelter without anyone giving him a second glance.


When Champas came into the Animal Welfare League shelter, the staff there thought adopting him out would be a breeze. You see Champas is a gorgeous white cat with green eyes. Usually, cats this beautiful fly out the door quickly.

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Unfortunately, Champas is one of those shy cats we just talked about earlier.

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Every time a potential family came into the shelter, Champas would go into hiding. Sadly, that meant the people just overlooked the beautiful boy for something more exciting.


So, after Champas spent over a year at the shelter, the staff there realized they needed a new plan. There was no way they would allow this charming, sweet, adorable boy to go without a family of his own any longer.

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Staff at the shelter quickly came up with a plan. They “promoted” Champus to Assistant Feline Receptionist. The sweet, shy cat began hanging out with the office workers throughout the day instead of hiding out in the back.


As it turned out, it was a great plan. As a result of his new job, which he absolutely loved, Champus started to come out of his shell. He became an essential part of the front desk team and began to adore greeting the clients.

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Since things went so well with the first part of their plan, the staff quickly implemented stage two. They created a sweet little campaign for Champus on their Facebook page — with adorable signs included, of course.

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Of course, with that adorable face, someone will take little Champus home now, right?


If you said yes, you nailed it! It didn’t take long for Champus’s photos to go viral.

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The viral photos quickly attracted the attention of a man named Nathan. He’s the perfect candidate to be Champus’s new dad.

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Now, Nathan and Champus have a new family with each other.

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It looks like our shy cat is one happy camper.

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Here at Animals Being Cute, we are so glad that after 436 long days, Champus has a place to call home.

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