Sick Dog Thinks He's on His Way to be Euthanized, Gets the Surprise of His Life

Sidewalk Specials rescue dogs from abusive situations and on euthanasia lists. They run sterilization drives as well. That’s where Tiny Tim comes in. He spent years living on the streets. He suffered from mange and also had a broken pelvis. Tiny Tim had been neglected and abused, let to the streets to somehow survive. Someone who had found him handed him to be PTS (put to sleep). The sick dog knew his fate, yet Tiny Tim was about to be surprised.

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Tiny Tim is One Sick Dog

Instead of being taken to get euthanized, this sick dog is about to get saved. The angels at Vet Point – where Tiny Tim was taken – gave him the medicine he needed, as well as some painkillers for his broken pelvis. The poor thing shook so bad from being scared and in pain. Finally, hope was in sight.

While Tiny Tim was on the mend, he was placed in a foster home to recover. He discovered that humans really weren’t as bad as he thought them to be. Especially if they gave him chicken treats!

Image via YouTube video

Though the rescuers looked and looked for a forever home, one just wasn’t being found. However, Timmy’s story was shared over and over again. And that’s when he found his forever home!

Hi, I’m Timmy!

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His new forever home is perfect. He gets new toys – named Bunny – a loving mommy AND a playmate!

“The cat isn’t amused.”

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Timmy’s forever mom even gives him treats that are as big as he is!

Image from YouTube video

Tiny Tim is now a big boy and the apple of his mama’s eye. Sidewalk Specials did an amazing thing giving this once sick dog a second chance at life. He had so much life left in him, and he’s proving that he is now living his best life! Check out the video below to see his journey from living on the streets to being a playful pup.

Featured Image: Screenshot via YouTube video

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